The Importance of Organic Keywords in General SEO

The keywords are very important for digital marketing. Website traffic generation is the sole objective of SEO. A good SEO program brings visitors to a website. The visitors are potential customers. They give the necessary revenue to a business. Search engines are ruled by the search. Hence, a visitor uses a particular keyword to complete a Google or Yahoo Search. […]

What is the Traffic source?

As a leading web traffic development company, A2Zlogs has a definition for the above question. Traffic source is the way people go on to find a website while surfing. And in this way, there are websites that have a high concentration of traffic along with websites that have little or no traffic. Websites these days are all responsive. Because people […]

How to Get Affiliate Sales from Traffic

An internet marketer should look to provide value to his or her clients. The value comes from revenue which is a synonym of sales! If you want to know the concept of affiliate sales, then first, you have to know affiliate marketing. It is a simple way of earning a commission by promoting or selling products of other people.  A […]

How to Check UTM in Google Analytics?

The full form of UTM is the “Urchin tracking module” and its work is to give a little more information about every link and the campaign it belongs to. By using UTM codes in URL tagging you ensure that the URL is labeled with specific campaign names in Google Analytics. To be precise, it breaks down the traffic is usually […]

Why You Should Check Real-Time Traffic in Google Analytics?

Checking real-time reports on Google Analytics will help you in a lot of ways. It will allow you to monitor moment-to-moment activity on your website by your viewers. It will give you insight into how viewers are reacting to your content, product, or marketing campaigns. But especially it is helpful to measure marketing initiatives which have a temporal nature, such […]

How Do You Get a Refund

We at A2Z Logs strive more to make the most for our clients. So, all the long hours we put in. However, along with extensive efforts remain centric on one goal. And this goal is to satisfy our customers. However, it is very human. And there‚Äôs always a possibility. Of our clients not getting enough of our services. As per […]

How Do You Cancel With PayPal?

Digital marketing companies offer a host of services. We at A2Z Logs are no different. But, our studies suggest, clients at times fail to choose the service package that is best for their business. So, in this business of web traffic building, our focus always remains in the long term client relationship. Thus if any client has a change of […]

Why You Should Check SMM Traffic in Google Analytics?

Social media marketing is becoming more and more popular day by day. A study says that social media spend will increase by 71% in the upcoming 5 years. Also, 42.3% of people think that social media platforms are creating a positive impact on their business growth. Thus, social media is a great place to get new customers for your business. […]

Why You Should Check SEO Traffic in Google Analytics?

Many may think that keyword ranking the ultimate measure of SEO. Thus they try to load their URLs and content with the keywords. But this only makes your content odd and unnatural. SEO or getting organic traffic from search engines depends on a lot of other things. And to understand this you need to have a clear and constant eye […]