How Do You Cancel With PayPal?

Digital marketing companies offer a host of services. We at A2Z Logs are no different. But, our studies suggest, clients at times fail to choose the service package that is best for their business. So, in this business of web traffic building, our focus always remains in the long term client relationship. Thus if any client has a change of mind and wants to change service packages cancel with Paypal existing, it is possible. However, we suggest using PayPal, a client can pay for a new better package and shun the old one.

A2Z logs, We Care

Who Are We?

What is Traffic Source?

Various Services

The Bottom Line

A2Z logs, We Care

Nevertheless, our clients are our priority. However, their wish for availing our service is, we oblige. It is for this reason; we have the cancel with PayPal procedure ready. Easy switch and cancellation of earlier packages are available. Through PayPal, pending package fees, refunds or buying of new packages can have initiation. We strongly thus advocate its use.

Who Are We?

We have a name in the market as a leading web traffic builder company. Involvement in this sector is extensive. But our own experience of years and through professionals as our workforce. We are striving extensively for our clients round the clock. So, various aspects are under our scrutiny like the conversion rate as well as traffic source analytics.

What is Traffic Source?

To explain to a layman, traffic source means the way of finding a website and ending up in it. Searching for a website can be of various kinds. These are;

Direct Traffic

Here the user accesses a website knowing well the website address. This is also known as direct access to a domain. However, direct traffic also includes any kind of hyperlink that brings a user to a website.

Referral Traffic

Visit from external sources are also very common. This traffic takes the user from one website to the other. This traffic source is commonly known as a ‘referrer’. Often known sources are where from the traffic originates. Email campaigns, various banner ads are some examples.

Search Engine Traffic

Search engine traffic comes from the search engine results page. Google, Bing, Yahoo are some of the popular search engines that lead people to websites.

Various Services

We at A2Z Logs provide a variety of services. And for the benefit of our clients, we also have different cancellation policies. The terms for our cancellation policies generally include rules like;

Cancellation requests have to be on the address to the billing department of A2Z Logs.

  • All cancellation details must reach the account manager.
  • Cancellation only reaches validity with proper confirmation from the respective department.
  • Cancellation is also effective within 12 hours of placing an order.
  • If not already work has begun on a project, we allow the cancellation
  • Third-party services in association with page traffic like web development, hosting or content writing will not count.

Ready Assistance

We are ready with any kind of assistance to our clients. Prompt answers and help are available by calling or writing a mail to us. We constantly focus on bringing the most value to our clients. Our work over the years has already helped several companies transform forever.

Free Trial

We offer both website traffic and plan traffic on a free trial basis. Website traffic is where;

  • Conversion of real visitors to lead and sales
  • Ranking high on search engine results
  • Targeting audience location is possible along with their devices
  • A 5 day trial period is available along with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Plan traffic, on the other hand, is where;

  • Splitting traffic is possible
  • Planning traffic from major search engines
  • This too comes with a 5 day free trial period

The Bottom Line

The above points are just a few of the total. There are many more awaiting from our end for our clients. So, join us at A2Zlogs and avail of our services and cancel with PayPal. 

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