How to Utilize Referral Traffic Data from Google Analysis?

As a digital marketer, you may have a keen eye on your SEO and PPC performances. These are certainly two major traffic sources. One drives you organic traffic and the other gives you paid conversable traffic. But there are some other ways of traffic sources too. And in our hurry, we miss them to check on Google Analytics. Often most […]

What is the Option of Geo-Targeting? How does It Help?

Geo-targeting is a term that is much in use these days. It is all about providing the right content to customers as per their location. The other name for geo-targeting is PPC. If you are asking the purpose of such geo-tagging, the answer comes quite simple. You should know about geo-tagging as well. It is crucial for a business that […]

Can You Use AdSense on Your Website?

Yes, you can use AdSense on your website to earn money. In A2Z Logs we suggest and direct you to every genuine and worthy way to make money through your website. And Google AdSense is one of the best ways for content creators to earn money. It is very simple. Here you will have to allow some agencies or companies […]

Easy Ways to Generate Direct Website Traffic

Website traffic is very important. It takes your business to the next level of success. Online success depends on website traffic. A high visibility gives a high ROI. Thus, direct website traffic gives real time sales and business conversions. A business struggles with online visibility. The struggle becomes evident when the domain is new. These new domains need direct traffic […]

Can You Cancel During My Free Trial?

Yes, you can cancel your 5-day free trial anytime in A2Z Logs. Don’t worry, we will not charge you for that. We respect your opinion and understand it. That is why we offer you a free trial so that you can experience our service and judge us. If you like us then you can get the paid subscription plans to […]

Understanding the Concept of Subpage Visits

Subpages should be broken down to one page. Hence, many of our readers are now aware of it. A client generally complains about his SERP ranking. But, he fails to understand many important points. They expect to come in the search results. Hence, they expect good gains from Search Engine Marketing. However, they fail to understand the basics of digital […]

How Can You Split Traffic Planes?

You can split traffic planes.  This is a multi-domain SEO strategy. It helps the business to get a huge online presence. Thus, it is a very reliable strategy. Several businesses are dominating the Search Engine Scene with the multi-domain strategy.  Having a strong presence online is all about implementing the right strategies. If you are not following the right strategies, then […]