What is the Traffic source?

As a leading web traffic development company, A2Zlogs has a definition for the above question. Traffic source is the way people go on to find a website while surfing. And in this way, there are websites that have a high concentration of traffic along with websites that have little or no traffic.

Websites these days are all responsive. Because people access websites from any internet compatible device from smartphones to tablets to notebooks. All this while search engine giants like Google conducts tracking on such sources or origins of website traffic.

Who Are We at A2Zlogs?

Types of Traffic

Why is More Traffic Necessary?


Who Are We at A2Zlogs?

We are one of the frontrunner digital companies. We specialize in building traffic for websites. And our goal remains centric on creating uniform traffic. All for our client websites. We offer traffic from several locations. Since multi-source traffic is much better than a single source. So, we work with the help of our expert team and thorough professionals. However difficult the problems seem because we always end up providing exemplary services.

So, we are always looking forward to hiring the most efficient of the workforce. Because honesty and integrity to our clients is our work policy.

Types of Traffic

There is categorization available on the sources of the incoming traffic for a website. So, A2Zlogs tries it best to highlight some of the following types;

Direct Traffic

This traffic is the one that directly tries to access a domain or a website. So, this traffic happens without any kind of involvement in secondary referrals. But access from the user is direct. So, this only happens when the user types the website address directly on the browser’s search bar.

Referral Traffic

This is the traffic that involves other external traffic sources. Often the traffic comes from well-known sources. So, a couple of good examples of external sources are like; various banner ads, email campaigns, web site links, and more.

Search Engine Traffic

It is evident from the name. This is the traffic source that primarily comes from various search engines. The search engine giants of Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any others can be the source for it. People search for a particular service or a product. And then end up on the website they find to be most suitable.

The better the understanding of traffic sources, the more businesses shape up their various strategies from SMO to SEM and SMO.

Why is More Traffic Necessary?

We at A2Zlogs underline the necessity of more website traffic in the following way;

  • It helps to have an estimate of how well the company’s marketing policies are working.
  • Helps to get an idea of the end-user experience. Audiences are the best judge of a service or product at the end of the day.
  • Sufficient scope to bring on improvements in SEO and other activities.
  • Generate more and more leads and this helps in more conversion rates.


While other traffic development companies may or may not specify, however, we always emphasize on the quality of traffic. Traffic essentially comes of two types. These are;

  • Free Traffic 
  • Quality Traffic

An increase in traffic has to be in tune with an increase in engagement and conversions. A decrease in conversion rates signifies not enough quality traffic is making through to the site.

Making It Better

At A2Zlogs, we always act positively for our clients. We specify, there are certainly many ways to optimize a website’s performance. Easy navigation, prompt call to action, adequate presence of information are just some ways of betterment.


Finally, better service through the web portal automatically drives more quality traffic to a website. So, we always specify, there isn’t the involvement of one single magic tool for the derivation of quality web traffic. It involves extensive effort and time. We are here to help you out with everything necessary for the success of your website.

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