Why You Should Check Real-Time Traffic in Google Analytics?

Checking real-time reports on Google Analytics will help you in a lot of ways. It will allow you to monitor moment-to-moment activity on your website by your viewers. It will give you insight into how viewers are reacting to your content, product, or marketing campaigns. But especially it is helpful to measure marketing initiatives which have a temporal nature, such as a promotional campaign on Instagram. You can also measure the reaction of your readers on your new blog through it. Thus, by checking real-time traffic on Google Analytics you can improve your content, method, and marketing strategies with time. In A2Z Logs our work is to provide you with any sort of assistance that you may need in your blogging journey. In this article thus we will solve your queries about reports of real-time traffic in Google Analytics. So let’s read.

How to Check Real-Time Traffic in Google Analytics?

What You Can See in a Real-Time Report?


How to Check Real-Time Traffic in Google Analytics?

To start monitoring your real-time web viewers you need to take the following steps-

  • First, log into your Google Analytics account from your smartphone or desktop
  • You will see the Real-Time section on the left column after log in. Click it
  • You will see an overview report for your real-time data in Google Analytics
  • In this overview report, you can see the data of active users on your website

What You Can See in a Real-Time Report?

Overview Section

At first, you will find the overview section that will give you a broad picture of what is happening on your website at that moment. You can see how many visitors are there on your site right now, what page they are viewing, and the top sources of your traffic.   


In the location section, you will get to see the counties from where you are getting the active traffic. You will get a list as well as an interactive map to define you. You can filter data by clicking on one of the options from the list or the map.


In the content report, you will see which page or which content of yours your viewers are spending time on. It will show you the page URL, the title of the page, and a percentage of active people on each page. You can navigate the active users and list of page views for the last 30 minutes. 

Traffic sources

Traffic source report lets you know from which website or social media handle you are getting most of the views at present. This is extremely helpful is you are running a campaign in social media, or promote your work there and wand to see its reaction among people.  


You can use the Google Analytics Events feature to create custom events to interact with viewers on your website. This includes button clicks, video plays, downloads, and ad clicks. You can track the events and drill down them on specific event actions and categories with the real-time report. Here also you can measure the event’s activities in the last 30 minutes. 


This report shows you the statistics on how many people are completing the goals or events you offer. You can see the numbers as well as the percentage of viewers that are getting converted in the last 30 minutes. This is very helpful to check whether a campaign you just launched is driving satisfactory results or not. 


This helps you to save time by gathering the configurations for customized reports that you run frequently. To generate shortcuts you need to select a filter and apply it to your real-time data. You can create a filter by clicking on any hyperlinked data in your real-time report. Then click on the “create shortcut” button. This will show you an immediate report on the section you have chosen. 


You can use this real-time Google Analytics report to see whether your UTM parameters are working as expected or not. Real-time monitoring gives you fresh statistics and helps you take immediate decisions. By checking on which content is getting more views by the public you can rank that page on top and make it more visible. Thus Google Analytics helps you in so many ways that it is not possible to conclude in one article. So for more information and suggestion you can call or visit us anytime on a2zlogs.com.

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